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Mausoleum Online

For the creepy things that go bump in the night and the stone angels that
watch you from the graveyard as you creep by on your bike,
this room will haunt any who disturb their slumber.

Journal Online

Don't be terribly afraid of this room, though I can't guarrantee that you'll
come out of it unscathed. The bare truth resides here,
and it's a full moon tonight!

Athenaeum Online

Black arts or White this room is filled with magic for every soul.

Forum Online

Here you can share your terror, or your thrill with the entire world.
Think well as you post, not only I can see these writings, but your colleagues as well.

Museum Online

Here perhaps is the scariest room of all.Home to the pictures of old,
it archives our past and present in almost unseen pictures.
Beware the Deamons you will pass.

Welcome to my webdomain, I hope that you'll enjoy your stay and visit often.
I have much that I want to show you though I have very little time to get it all up and working.
I am quite sure that you will find the museum entertaining as well as the Forum, and my journal will be updated periodically although I am waiting on Akardam's leet skills to create a better working system for posting journal entries.
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At this time I would like to invite you to send and or post pictures of yourselves, or pictures of group gatherings and I will add them to the museum archives. I would also like to inform you of our residence move to CO and that it will most likely be a dead site for the next few weeks unless you all keep the forum busy.
Please take care.

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